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By Januzi Wakanuski

Tip of the week!

When you adopt a rescue dog, the shelter has given him/her a name that is never what he/she will answer to! Or your kids want to give him/her a different name; which he/she will never answer to for a long time. Here is a trick that will not only find the name that your new furry friend will answer to AND also keep your kids busy for hours during this corona-virus stay at home nightmare. When I rescued my fury friend from the Humane Society of Arkansas they had named him Steve. When I called him Steve he would run into another room and would not come out! He apparently hated the name Steve! So I began by calling out every name I could think of for over an hour with no results. Then when I decided to quit for the evening, I thought about what Steve's role in my forever family would be! It came to me as if answered by God! He would be my best friend and buddy. I called out Buddy, and immediately he came out of the bedroom and jumped on the couch and laid his head in my lap! We have been best buddies ever since and he comes every time I call him!

70 million stray animals!!!

There are about 70 million stray animals living in the U.S. on the streets each day!

The estimated number of brick-and-mortar animal shelters in the US is 3,500.

The estimated number of rescue groups and animal sanctuaries is 10,000.

The number of cats and dogs entering shelters each year is 6-8 million!



Whose taking care of the remaining 62 million???


At Adogsfriend.com our business plan is simple.

You ask for help and we deliver it!


Pricing depends on so many options it is unfair to each nonprofit to set a fixed price. You may be a preexisting 501© that just needs help with upgrading your website. Or you may be a new start up with a passion to help animals in need but no idea where to start. Please contact me before deciding whether you can afford professional help; you will be pleasantly surprised at the low cost!

What should go into YOUR business plan!

A non-profit business plan will describe how you will turn your mission statement into reality! This is accomplished using a SWOT analysis, which is a planning method which evaluates the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities,and Threats to your business.

This is accomplished using the below 6 branding techniques!

1) Research your chosen industry. 2) Come up with a way for your non-profit to stand out from the others in your industry. 3) Give your non-profit a descriptive name. 4) Decide how you will fund your non-profit. 5) Make marketing and bringing in customers your top priority. 6) Don't buy anything that isn't absolutely necessary.

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Dr. Files is an active supporter of animal rescue and rights protections. He currently supports 501(c)3 Non-profits by building website's and giving FREE Business Consulting. If you are interested in his services please use the contact form.